This one reminds us of the sweet summer days of California. Made with our famous cream cheese frosting on moist vanilla cake (with fresh strawberries in the cake!) this is the cupcake that put Fresno on the map. People drive from all over the Golden State to taste this hometown favorite.
















Rise and shine!  It’s the classic cinnamon roll, transformed into a cupcake! Served Monday-Saturday from 6am-noon, it’s warm and ready just in time for breakfast.






Every bite is like taking a mini vacation!  The Coconut Cupcake is frosted with vanilla buttercream and covered in coconut flakes, all atop a moist coconut cake (made with real coconut milk and coconut flakes!). Once you try it, all your troubles will melt away…












You can’t go wrong with this classic combination. Our signature chocolate cake is frosted with our mouth-watering vanilla buttercream. When you’re in the mood for something familiar, this is the go-to cupcake… the perfect flavor combination.






This cupcake is so loaded with chocolate chips, it’s guaranteed to satisfy the sweet tooth of your inner child…or actual child.






Hands down our most popular cake. Made with our famous cream cheese frosting atop our signature velvety red cake, this cupcake has people coming back again and again to satisfy their cravings!  A favorite of our bakers as well, the Red Velvet is the pride of Cupcakes Bakery.






No nuts or raisins here! Crafted for the purist, our carrot cake has just that – tons of carrots.  Topped with orange cream cheese frosting, this is carrot cake at it’s best.














Our lemon cupcake is made with real lemon juice, and real lemon zest from REAL lemons! The combination of lemon cake with lemon buttercream frosting is bright and refreshing, perfect on a summer day, or when you wish it was a summer day.





This one will satisfy the most intense cravings. Our rich chocolate cake is topped with a decadent chocolate buttercream… it couldn’t get any more chocolatey!







For cookie lovers everywhere — don’t be dismayed — we have just the cupcake for you! A chocolate cake with Oreo pieces inside, and cream cheese frosting with a REAL Oreo to top it off… It’s just what you’ve been searching for.









There’s no monkeying around with this cake! Our banana cake is topped with our luscious cream cheese frosting (house-made candied walnuts optional). One bite will have you wild-eyed and jumping for joy!







Just like Mom used to make! No frosting here, just buttery pineapple goodness, topped with a cherry.












A true classic, this cake originated in 1852! We make our coconut pecan frosting fresh everyday, just like they did back then. Still topped with a cherry, it’s enough to make a grown (German) man cry!





Vanilla cake. Chocolate buttercream. Need we say more? No, we need not.










Vanilla cake with orange cream cheese frosting…tastes like a 50/50 bar!










This cupcake will change your mind about vanilla! Let us impress you with our classic vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream. There’s nothing plain here, just simple flavors done right.






This is one luxurious cupcake, but you deserve it! Chocolate cake with fresh strawberries inside, and chocolate buttercream with a fresh strawberry on top…